How to End the nagging feeling that you are a copycat

No kittens were hurt!

That nagging feeling or the annoying voice in your head whispering that you have nothing original to say or that you feel like a copycat. Know what I’m talking about?
Or maybe you are hiding behind other peoples content and instead of creating your own content and making space for conversation you keep just shyly linking to blogs and websites with great content.

Surprisingly a little guilty pleasure might help.

First I’ll tell you a secret: I’m hooked on essiebuttons youtube videos. Behind essiebuttons is Estée, a fresh and sweet youtube and blogger professional, creating videos and writing about lifestyle but focusing mainly on the beauty side of life. She is one half of a sweet couple living in London, with a cute and modern love story. Together they own a gorgeous and silly greyhound.
I’m a busy modern day woman who shouldn’t have time for light amusement like the sorts. Oh, but I do have time and I make time because it’s helpful and it fuels my creativity.

What’s the helpful guilty pleasure that can help you too?
– Relaxing by reading blogs outside your business field!

Getting a nice mug of freshly made tea, getting a soft pair of wool socks or slippers, then getting comfy under a throw blanket with your laptop. Soak up that passion of people who are completely in a different field. This is helpful because it’s guilt free inspiration time.
Curling up on the sofa with my dogs, latest knit project and watching Essies videos is my idea of a relaxing evening.

I feel that is refreshing to even look at blogs and websites that have a completely different feel and visual vibe than what I see in online marketing or communications sites. But the content is inspirational too!

My guilty pleasures are beauty and style blogs. Choose yours by visiting blogs and websites that do not participate on your field of business. Something that you will enjoy but seems to be completely a waste of work time. Something that an annoying voice might say “you have better things to do”

Here are 3 lessons we can learn from beauty bloggers

1. Share your excitement unapologetically

Are you familiar with hauls and unpacking?
These hauls are videos or blog post about someone getting excited about new products they just got. Unpacking is a way to share first impressions. This type of content might seem crazy, random or even lazy. But sharing honest feelings helps your audience to connect with you.
Share something that you are excited about and fuel your content with that emotion.
In the beauty blogger world you can’t really crown yourself the perfume queen and forbid anyone else talking about eau de toilettes and scents. In the same way in your field there are plenty of topics already covered but a fresh point of view is warmly welcome.

2. Embrace your weirdness by giving it a warm hug

Do you love eating something a little strange like salad with cheese flavored crisps for lunch or maybe your morning routines are a little different and something your friends might describe weird. Gently guided curiosity can be turned to a creative tool.

What’s in your bag? Yes there are people both interested to find out what others carry in their purses and bags and people happy to share the insides of their bags. Yes that is weird. But that’s cool. The willingness to be open is awesome!

Being this comfortable with your community is amazing.

Share your weird curiosities and learn something new about your customers. Your weirdness might be helpful for them. Instead of always playing safe get comfortable in the “why not”.
Sharing your weird habits is something that often comes with a unique story.
Curiosity did kill the cat, the copycat!

3. Sharing is caring

Getting free products is cool but it’s much more convenient to actually learn something.
Beauty bloggers are very generous in their how to guides and giving information about what they have learned.

We’re here to help and giving something for free can make you be kinder to yourself.
Being friendly might relax you and take the pressure of from creating “professional” content and checking if there’s enough value to meet the price tag. Sharing your wisdom and even your mistakes and regrets is caring about your audience.

There are different ways to share your knowledge and lessons learned. If you are stuck in the same way of doing it, then take a peek what others are doing in a different field.

And you can get to know my favorite beauty blogger by visiting her website

What is your guilty pleasure blog?

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3 thoughts on “How to End the nagging feeling that you are a copycat

  1. ruthannereid says:

    Popcorn, hot chocolate, and a good book. 🙂

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