Remember pen pals?

I still love putting pen to paper and writing like that

I do. I remember even who I was writing nearly twenty years ago. I remember the excitement when our 3rd grade english teacher gave us the opportunity to get a penpal from a different country. I remember reading horse magazines and scanning through the sections where people were looking for penpals.
Few years later I got my first email address and immediately I wanted to get a “penpal” to write emails with. I subscribed to some early day newsletters and was so excited to get email.

Some more years later I was starting my first business. I spent too much time online, subscribing to tons of newsletters and trying to figure out what was the key to success.
I slowly (or not that slowly) started spending more time on figuring out communication aspects of a business and online marketing, social media. This was not good for my business! A surprise and a defining moment.

Most of online marketing experts tell that it’s good if you take your business online. Most of any kind of business coach, mentor or even the kids at middle school know that online and social media is where everything happens.
Yes, and no. My business was local and I had to meet clients face to face, facetime or Skype wasn’t enough. My clients meetings were offline and I was spending more time online.
This was a route that led me close my first business. There were other factors involved (Like the fact that I hate phones) but now I do know this was the best that could have happened.

After closing my first local business I started to explore opportunities to soak myself in communication, technology and online media. I enrolled to school for a year and that year clarified to me that this is the right path.
Starting the Inbox Tea Time journey gets me excited like that little girl got excited on writing a new letter to a penpal. I hope you find a way to have a good time with emails and newsletters. Maybe inbox tea time can help you find that good time.

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