Warning: Blank Page

As I’m writing this post I’m sipping tea from a mug that I got as a wedding gift. I’m sitting comfortably on the sofa under a blanket. I’m listening to music. I’m making these moments really enjoyable these days. What’s not enjoyable is the anxiety of facing a blank page and feeling empty.

Nothing to say.
Complete stillness. Without a blink it waits. It’s there for you.
Blank Page.
Do you ever get afraid of it?

I’m sure many do.
Even when I write every day I get scared of that white stillness. I’m sure it’s normal. It’s ok to be scared.

Are you postponing writing something because suddenly you don’t feel inspired?
Procrastination gnawing time away…
Or every time you even take a peek at that blank page you remember ten other things you should do?
Hiding behind “I’m so busy” veil.

Whatever the excuse is, the fact is if you want something you need to do something. If you want to get some writing done, some writing needs to happen.
Getting frustrated, angry or avoiding writing completely won’t help.

Using a pen might help, have you tried it? Not a pencil, but a nice pen with a good flow.
That’s how I start most of my blog posts – old school.
There is something wonderfully satisfying about observing handwriting and seeing that page fill up. Handwriting reflecting my emotions. I can see if I’m nervous, relaxed, confident or excited.
For some reason my fear of blank pages is much less when using real paper. Even when that paper doesn’t have any lines or grid.

It’s so much more satisfying editing a full post or an article than getting stuck on every sentence before the whole thought is even let out.


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