3 things that emails and cups of tea have in common

Emails are a lot like life and tea when it comes to the saying “life is like a cup of tea it’s all in how you make it…”

Cups of tea and emails
1. They are easy to learn how to make
You don’t have to struggle much to send an email and it’s quite easy to receive one. Also it doesn’t take too much time and require many appliances and stages (like maybe making a crockenbouche).

2. It’s hard to fail
You don’t have to be a trained chef to make a great cup of tea. You can learn at home at your own pace and experiment on different flavors and types of emails and also tea. If you know how to boil water and get a cup you are half way there. It’s the same with emails, if you know how to type even your name you are capable of creating some pretty good emails.

3. Making more its quite easy
Serving multiple guests a cup of tea doesn’t take an acrobat and so if you need to connect with many via email it’s almost as easy as pouring a cup of tea. Except when sending the same email to 12 people you don’t actually have to do it 12 times so maybe it’s easier than pouring a cup of tea!

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