4 excuses that are not valid

Why should a small business owner start a newsletter

There is something wonderful in newsletters. It’s amazing how versatile and creative they can be. They are a great way to deepen customer relations and highlight your brand.
What a lovely way to get to know your customers and gain important insight so you can do your work even better.
Here are some reasons that are not valid reasons for not starting a newsletter.

Are you busy?

Then starting a newsletter might be one of the best investments of your time that you could do. With a newsletter you can do customer service, promote, do customer research and keep growing and deepening the relationship with your customers and clients.
You don’t need to spend 3 hours every night to have a great email newsletter. You can start with a couple of days in a month even. You can start with 15 min a week even.

Are your resources limited?

That’s not a problem or a reason to say not to starting your newsletter.
Newsletters work well with limited time and budget. Newsletters are flexible and they can be fitted to many needs. You can start a newsletter with very minimal budget.

You don’t like spending time on computers?

No problem. There are great time and energy saving resources like AWeber and Mailchimp.
You could even write your letters by hand and then type them out for sending.
There are even ways you could limit the time spent on computers and still have a wonderful newsletter.

You hate learning new technology?
That’s OK. You could still love newsletters. Emails are in a way very old school and very user friendly.

What is your excuse or reason for not starting your newsletter yet?

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