10 reasons to start a newsletter



Newsletters are fun. Not always. But mostly newsletters are fun.
It’s fun to see people subscribing and your list growing. It’s fun interact with your readers and really bond with them.


It’s something new every week! If you have never had a newsletter then doing something new is refreshing. New ideas, new people, new opportunities…


Learning will happen if you are open to it. Writing weekly, photographing weekly or just
creating new ideas weekly or even few times a month will sharpen and hone your skills. There is great opportunity to learn something new about your readers, yourself and maybe even learn a new skill.


Good newsletters provide valuable content to their readers and bad newsletters provide value to the creator of that bad newsletter. A bad newsletter is valuable because it provides the opportunity to question and make improvements and learn. Good newsletters are valuable because they help creating a online community and people to connect and get to know each other


The word engage can be translated into around 25 ways in Finnish. Engagement
happens many ways through newsletters. People will take action in surprising ways and react in ways you couldn’t predict. You’ll make promises to send emails weekly or less frequently and this is a form of engagement. You will work to create content, you’ll do editing, you’ll engage in conversations…


Get to know someone. Show interest, be interested. Open up to someone getting to know you. Be open to communicate and introduce people to each other. Why not?


Sharing is caring. There is ton of stuff that you can give and different ways you can give. By giving you could help something and someone. Share what you love, share what your readers love. Share what you don’t love or care for, share a conversation, share ideas, share recipes and moments. Share feelings and lessons learned.


Like crap. Ashamed, joyful, content, tired, happy, sad, angry. Were dealing with people and dealing with people tends to be emotional.  See how you feel when you let your feelings guide you. Guide your actions towards how you would like to feel. Oh emails and newsletters and people and groups of people, there’s a lot of feelings involved.


Do them and learn how to react. Learn how to make things OK or even fix your  mistakes. Learn how to deal with the fact that everything didn’t go as planned. Do different kinds of mistakes and see if anyone sees or cares.


Experience a rainbow of feelings. Experience the joy of getting something done.
Experience how it feels to have routines. Experience how being loyal makes you feel and what it does for your community. Experience being helpful, experience being a time waster. Experience something new. Experience something… See how it goes.


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