Do we want a small boutique or a department store?


Imagine your nearest supermarket. Imagine all the people working there and think of the hours that goes into running that store smoothly. The store is organized in categories and the isles are straight and clutter free. There are signs pointing you to the right direction and if you don’t find what you need, you can ask someone to assist you. Everything seems to have a logical place.
When you walk into this store and you know what you came here for. Maybe just to browse some section that interests you or you came with a shopping list. You have a clear idea where to look.
When you walk into this store you know where and how to get out.

Let’s imagine there would be a supermarket that could only pay for one employee and that person would have to do everything. This department store didn’t hire anyone to plan out the floorplan or say what goes where and on what logic. There’s only the one person who works and this person hasn’t got the time to everything.

Shopping in this store would be a nightmare!

Now lets picture that your website is a supermarket. Can you honestly say that your website is runs smoothly like this imaginary department store? Maybe it does, maybe you have a system that makes sure your website will not turn into a maze of links. I have to say that most of us can’t handle running a supermarket online or offline all by ourselves and will indeed get lost in the maze. Still, for some reason many people insist on building a huge website with many options to click and thousands of pages to scroll filled with tens of links and options.

Yes, it’s ridiculously easy to build a website but managing and optimizing a website is a different thing.

Analyzing what works and what doesn’t isn’t obvious. Improving your website, optimizing content, making it visually appealing and making it work for your goals and in a way that it meets clients needs is not a walk in the park. Problem solving and fixing broken links might take more time than you know when packing your site with links.

Managing a website is can be a fulltime job to a few people depending on the size and function of the website. A tiny boutique selling only eyewear is a fulltime job for one and easily there is work enough for few employees. Managing a website doesn’t have to be a full time job. When planning a website we should really think of time and the real job behind this site. Do we want a small boutique or a department store?


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