Way of procrastinating: hunting templates

Is hunting down a nice template just another way of procrastinating?

YES! I say yes it is.

Nice templates are subjective but working templates are objective. Fiddling around too long to find a attractive template before sending out your newsletter might be one of the most annoying type of creative people problems.

Creative and professional people problem to be exact. This happens when you can justify your perfectionism and using your creativity to work forever on a project that was due last week. You can tweak, plug, sleek and plumb forever and ever.

A template is suppose to support and help not be the main focus. If your newsletters don’t work or are borderline shit, your shiny template won’t save you from the wave off unsubscribing.

You can always improve your work and you should. There is though a big difference in a pretty design that works and a not so pretty design that does the work. I love beautiful design and I often make decisions on what looks the best. I think first you should focus on making the template work and then make it pretty, makeovers are fun!


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