I’m Krista Holopainen and I am a newsletterist in the making, entrepreneur, wife and a dog  owner.
This blog is a place for email lovers and and a place where love affairs with newsletters happen. I’m going to talk weekly about emails & newsletters. These tips, how-to’s and other posts are here to help you get cozy with emails and have fun with your newsletters.

InboxTeaTime was created to help chatty but email shy creatives to launch their newsletters and create inspiring emailsystems. The idea seeds for this business was planted years ago when I was a struggling bodywork practitioner. I was struggling with connecting with clients and other bodywork artists.
I became interested about how other “holistic” business owners were talking about what they were doing and saw that many were struggling. I was failing with marketing, promoting, communicating and customer service in my first business. Sadly I saw that many of the people who I met and became friends with were failing too. I wanted to find a way to combine customer service and online world without too many compromises. Something easily sharable, so I could help my new friends.
My interest grew into passion about communication and storytelling.

I’ve been a fanatic reader since I learned to read! After many trial and errors I finally realized that the answer and tool had been staring me right to the eye – emails. I loved emails and newsletters. I really hope that this blog will help you enjoy emails more and boost your productivity and marketing skills with newsletters.

Please feel free to subscribe, get comfy and join in the conversation.

Taken from our wedding day.

Taken from our wedding day.


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