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Healthy email habits

I’m trying something new here. Please let me know how you feel. I was thinking on starting a healthy email habits series. I would share one tip weekly on how to create healthy email habits that work for you and help you keep sane and maybe even sleep better.

Healthy email habits starts today!

First habit is to read less email

It is as simple as it sounds. Do not read all email that you get just spend less time reading email.
Not all email needs to be read now or never. Honestly not emails are important, valuable or a good way to spend your time.  Not even when it’s from a friend or a trusted person you know. You don’t have to read everything you get.

Sometimes it’s more important to sleep, eat or even just go out to breath.

There are times when you know that opening that email will get you in trouble, then don’t open it at all. Times like when you know there is a virus in that email or something disgusting. Also that time when you are angry and opening an email from that insufferable person will make you furious, you’ll type something crazy and send an email that you will regret soon. That time was a time when calming down, doing something else to gain perspective is more beneficial than reading an email.

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