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Rules of stealing


The best way to steal others ideas is the way you will not get caught.

Get sneaky, real sneaky. So sneaky that you won’t get caught. But be also honest and open.

Does that sound contradictory?

Let’s try to clear this out. You should never take credit for work that someone else did. Stealing work is not ok.

Someone might say that they are only borrowing ideas, but hey are you going to give them back? Did you buy them? No you stole them! There is a code for doing this classy and non-sleazy way.

If you are ever stuck with your blog or email newsletter, feel free to act by this code.

Don’t steal because you are lazy and honor your stolen object.

Only steal when you are completely stuck, lost or badly short of ideas. Steal the idea not the work. If you find something that inspires you and you love the idea, study it carefully.
See what makes the idea so great and how this person took the idea and made the idea work for them. Go really deep and see what are the bones of this ideas, can you go deeper than that?

Final piece of advice and really important one. Don’t steal from places you often visit, don’t steal from people who seem to have less than you. Don’t steal from your friends either.

What makes stealing ok? What is stealing ideas really?

Some people use the word inspire but I think we can be honest here. Stealing ideas happens when a blogger sees a great blog post about winter jacket and it has a beautiful collage and thinks that a collage is a are great idea and they should do a blog post with a collage.
Or when you see that three newspapers writing about the same thing, when that thing is not a major event.
Stealing is when a songwriter hears a love song and feels that they should write a love song too.

Stealing ideas is not copying work and that makes stealing ok.

Make that idea work for you and find a different angle than in the original content. Do a different presentation or if it’s the presentation you love use it but with some other content.
Doing your own research and infusing your own ideas and experience will make turn the stolen idea to a new piece of work. The better you hide your tracks, as in put your own work to the idea the better the results.



If you don’t like reading you could still love newsletters!

Are you curious about newsletters and would like to create your own, but feel guilty because you keep subscribing to newsletters, but never actually read them?
Or maybe you need to create a newsletter, but you don’t actually believe in newsletters because you don’t read any of the ones you’ve subscribed to.

Don’t worry.
First Of All you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed. I think it’s great that you know what you like and what you don’t like. Stay true to your taste!

There are many different types of newsletters, but if you are a newbie (and even if you have subscribed to many) chances are you have seen only a few types and if you are not happy with them it’s OK.

If the reason why you keep deleting or unsubscribing to newsletter is that you don’t actually like reading you have the options of subscribing to newsletter with audios, videos or just images with minimal amount of text.

You could also try to create your own audios or even videos if you prefer them over written word.  A beautiful newsletter filled with gorgeous photos would be lovely too.

Not all newsletters have to be filled with minimum 1000 words and heavy with information and facts.

You might want to think about the subjects you are reading about. If you not liking to read it might be because you are not interested in the subject you are reading.