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Warning: SPAM

I do not mean Spam as canned precooked meat product, that’s disgusting.
Today I’m talking about email spam, that’s more annoying than disgusting except when you get that disgusting type of spam. You know what I mean!

No one wants to get spammed, but how awkward when you’ve accidentally spammed someone!
Do you feel that?
Shoulders go up and chest sinks. And the script starts to sing in your head.
I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to be rejected.
I don’t want to fail. I don’t want bug someone. I don’t want to waste anybody’s time.
So I don’t do it. I don’t send that email. I don’t create a newsletter.

The fear of creating something that people can reject (and reject you) is a block that will lead you to only see the rejection. This rejection with this idea block will lead you to see rejection as a sign of failure. To see you as unworthy or not good enough. When the truth is that this someone didn’t have time or interest. They might love you but not this email or message. That’s it.

I don’t drink coffee, but I love my friends who ask me out for coffee.

There is a fun role reversal that you can play in your head for quick results. A former colleague taught me this. I want you to picture you sitting in an aeroplane. You are traveling to some lovely city for some awesome adventures. OK? No it’s time for the complimentary drinks and the air hostess asks you if you’d like coffee or tea. ‘Coffee or tea?’ you can hear this hostesses voice coming closer. Nothing but ‘Coffee or tea?’ and sometimes pouring that coffee or tea (maybe few juices too).
Do you think this air hostess counted how many people said NO?

Not everybody want’s coffee or tea or juice. These people are going to say No. These people don’t have a problem with the person pouring their coffee or tea, but it’s the drink. That cup of coffee might be the best one that you can get on a plane, but if you don’t like coffee you really aren’t going to enjoy it.

No, thank you.

Some of your emails are going to go unread. That doesn’t mean they were spam.

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